Allegory Project, Benicia 2024 Art Sail Fest


April 2022 Allegory Project was presented as a cultural project for Benicia City by Varto Fine Art.

artistic sailboat project

Benicia, Directorate of Culture

Terry ScottDirector

I started the Allegory project for the reasons that I explain extensively in my text published on my VARTOFINEART page. 

    Being Benicia a city located in front of a calm sea bay, with a great vocation for navigation in any of its multiple expressions such as: Stand Paddle, Kayaking, Sailing and many more such as Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Wingsurfing and even swimming.

  Seeing the entertainment needs for young people and adults, families who are content most of the time to sit by the water’s edge just to watch some boats, birds or hopefully a sea lion pass by, who perhaps would like to participate much more in cultural, recreational and constructive activities. Observing all this, I felt compelled to share this project for an even greater purpose and not just leave it as a text to move the affective part and hopeful discourse.

The union that exists in Benicia among its inhabitants is very unique, its hospitality and dedication to service towards tourists is intense and right now it has attractive places such as Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Galleries, Library, a Museum and Gardens.

Benicia has one of the largest artistic communities, most of the artists come together in the Arts Benicia Association. All this and the fact that we are currently coming out of a very stressful situation, not only for a city, but also for the whole world due to CoVid 19, inspired me to present this project that I put for your consideration as a perfect palliative to an environment of little enthusiasm and in some cases of mourning for friends, family or acquaintances who fell in the past pandemic, which incidentally does not end completely.

I present the project as a suggestion in its entirety, the quantities that I propose may be greater or less and more or less human, logistics and material elements may intervene. Take just as idea and take the first step.


    It is proposed that the participants in said project build a sailboat up to 16 feet from its structure to the final finish, including the sail. Using known or new techniques.

   The appearance of the sailboat must primarily have an artistic aspect, this is the main objective. It could present a single color only if its design or the proposal so justifies it.

  That it has the appropriate engineering characteristics for navigation, easy handling, little effort in its maneuverability and responds satisfactorily to the needs of sailing.

The qualifications for the works on the sailboats will be carried out under the supervision of artists from the Arts Benicia Association, in coordination with the Directorate of Culture and will be organized in the following Categories:





Anyone can participate by grouping at least two people

The groups will be a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 30

Each group will consist of an artist advisor for the supply of materials, equipment or suggestions that are necessary

The proposed materials come from donations or low cost, which can be financed by sponsors, either from the same brands as the materials or by sponsors interested in promoting their businesses.

The space to develop the sailboats can be in the same domicile of the participants or in some space on loan to the City or from the City itself.

The qualifying jury for these tournaments will be made up of artists and, where appropriate, engineers.

Photography and documentary literature of the processes, advances and the environment of this project

Coordination with the Marina of Benicia for setting routes, use of buoys or whatever is required for tests and competitions

In addition to this project, artists from all disciplines can be summoned to create the image of the event and receive recognition.

The promotion of the events will be managed by the Director of Culture

Construction and cost log

Log of times and cost

Test log and cost

Log of competencies and cost

Awards log

All the built sailboats will be shown in different parts of the city where they can be admired by the public, it can be in the framework of the Art Walk or on a date specially defined for the exhibition of the finished sailboats, the builders can accompany their work, explain and give details of their processes.

This project can be held annually or biennially, it can be as big or small as you want it to be, it can simply be a very successful local event, it can be a famous National event and even become an International event. The size of the Bay of Carquinez and the frontage that the entire City has presents the ideal setting for a great event of International stature if that were the case. Benicia also has a very relevant historical heritage that can and should be made known. It was a port and site of influx of large capital, workforce, artists, writers and adventurers. All that force can be synthesized and represented in the Allegory of a small boat.

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