José Luis Varto

Ingenious, creative, spirited, a relentless explorer of new forms of artistic expression. Constantly experimenting with new materials, he creates new art concepts that have led him from realistic art to a unique abstraction of shape; which characterizes his work, he is creator of his very unique “Lonarias”.

Ever from his early years he was strongly attracted towards sketching. Inspired by his father, a painting devotee who provided him with his first drawing tools, and by his mother, from whom he inherited his passion for observation; he developed a steady and sound sketching. Mesmerized by the human body, he soon came to understand its tridimensionality, and that of several other objects; growing more sensitive towards color and shape.

His interest in graphic expression encouraged him to practice his skills in journalistic illustration and publicity. This job allowed him to acquire a sense of discipline and creativeness.

He then went on to study in the National School of Plastic Arts of the National Autonomous University of México (UNAM); where he polished his technique and became acquainted with several others, such as photography and engraving. He created many artwork and participated in several exhibitions.

Nowadays, keeping up to date with technological advances; and, in compliance with his innovative drive, he has adopted digital media as means of artistic expression. He has even taken up CGI, thus satisfying his ambition for “keeping in touch” with his time, ad those to come.

He enjoys the pleasure of crafting surreal or realistic pieces, manipulating colors and artistically distributing them on any surface, creating easily recognizable shapes, or abstract figures in unimaginable, dreamlike settings; with one-of-a-kind characteristics, that set them apart from traditional and old-school painting. He relies in his enormous imagination to innovate and produce “state-of-the-art” pieces.

Gabriel Castillo Varela

Outstanding Responsibilities

Social communications commissioner for the Mexican Society of Arts Authors -Sociedad Mexicana de Autores de Artes Plásticas (SOMAAP) – 2004-2006

Cofounder of the Ludic Arts Society (SALUD)

Illustrator and Designer since 1975

President and founder of the Mexican society of Illustrators (AMI)

Art Director for important brands and advertising agencies in México

Important Individual Exhibits

2021 Retrospective Art Exhibition, Ironhorse Home Furniture San Francisco, Benicia, Santa Cruz.

2019 Life Chiropractic, Oakland CA.

2017 Milinda Perry Gallery, Benicia CA.

2017 The Frame Company, Dublin CA.

2017 Permanent exhibition, IronHorse Furnishing Store, Benicia CA.

2017 Bella Siena restaurant, Benicia, CA. -The Little Art Shop-

2016 Permanent exhibition TARLA Grill & Bar, Napa Valley, CA

2010 Un día más en el Paraíso, Museo de Historia Natural, Cabo San Lucas.

2008 VARTO en Rest. Trinidad “Palmilla” de la cadena Nick San

2008 VARTO en: Museo Antonio Ruiz Pérez, Acambay, Estado de México.

2007 Proyecto Laura Fernández MacGregor, SantaMaría, Cuernavaca Morelos

2006 Metonimia, Pedro Gerson Gallery, Israeli Sport Center, CDI

2005 ”Lonarierías,andanzassobreLonarias”,“Sala Vitrales”IMSS (Mexican Institute of Social Security) Hospital del Ferrocarrilero.

2003 Permanent exhibition of portraits of the secretaries of the Syndicate Association of Aircraft Pilots (ASPA)

1996 “Piel y Aroma” (Skin and Scent), Son. Mexico, Hermosillo House Of Culture

1996 VARTO, Valle de Bravo, Mex House of Culture

1995 Permanent exhibition of portraits of the City Hall Mayors of Jilotepec, Mexico

1995 “ Pandora’s Box”, Modern Art Museum of the Dominican Republic

1994 “Entretelas” (Between Canvas), Mexican Embassy, Dominican Republic

Outstanding Collective Exhibits

2018 Arts Benicia Asoc. Benicia. USA

2012 VIII Feria de Arte Erótico.  Tlalnepantla, Edo. México

2011 Riddle Art Guild, Art Fair, Seven Feathers Casino Resort, Oregon. USA

2009 Exposición Museo Centro Cultural Mexiquense en Toluca, Estado de México.

2007 Exposición Museo Centro Cultural Mexiquense en Toluca, Estado de México.

2007 Centro Cultural Atarazanas, Instituto Veracruzano de Cultura y galería Art E Art

2006  Museo Colegio de San Ildefonso, Cd. México

2006 “Zapata Iconografía”(Zapata’s Iconography) Juan Rulfo House Of Culture in Mexico City.

2006 SOMAAP Room 2006 In the National Medical Center “Siglo XXI” Mexico City

2006 Eroti_k, in Art E Art Gallery, Cuernavaca Morelos, (Body Art, Varto) México

2005 Latin American Ludic Art in Alicia Brandy, Art Gallery. Buenos Aires Argentina.

Francachela, International art Magazine

2005 ACalzónPintado,ForoCult.MagdalenaContreras,(BodyArt Varto)

2005 “Suma de Talentos”, Gandhi Gallery Mexico City

2005 SOMAAP, Lithium Gallery, San Miguel de Allende Gto, Mexico.

2005 “Trajectorios Mexicanos” (Mexican Trajectories), Washington Art Institute USA

2004 Fotoseptiembre, Fusión de Dimensiones, Hommage to the sculptor, Reforma IMSS Gallery, Mexican Institute of Social Security) Mexico city

2005 Artistas de Querétaro (Artists from Queretaro), Martin Luther King Lybrary, Washington D.C. USA

2004 SOMAAP Azcapotzalco Museum II SOMAAP Room, National Medical Center “Siglo XXI” Mexico City

Ilustrator, Art Director and Designer for several Advertising Agencies.




Proeza Slai

Publicidad Augusto Elias

Publicidad Ferrer

Young & Rubicam

Publicis Arredondo De Haro

Retana & Asociados Publicidad

Teran TBWA

Leo Burnett México

Paulino Romero

Lebrija, Rubio Publicidad

McCann Worldgroup

Grey México

BMB Publicidad, SA de CV

Clemente Cámara & Asociados


General Motors de México

Ford Motor Company

Grupo Bimbo

Grupo Alfa


Procter & Gamble


…among others

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