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The video that you will see below is fictitious, it only exemplifies a supposed festival carried out in 2042, as a transcendence of the Allegory Project

Benicia, January 14th, 2021

The times that we are having to live move me a lot and force me to reflect deeply from my little portion of the Universe. I have said and I continue to insist that Art has saved us at any time in the history of humanity, saved a nation or a small community condemned to oblivion. It is the only human trace that will provide sufficient information on the technological or social advance of our era.

The most sublime way of expression of the human being is Art, it makes me happy to be able to express myself in this way and especially on this occasion, when the environment does not favor us as much as on previous occasions and it is very uncertain forward. I feel committed to expressing something, to giving my point of view. Yes, as an artist. We have a huge challenge ahead, there is confusion and for the first time it seems to be a confusion shared with many human beings on the planet, now I especially address my community, who reads me, who knows me or has just come across these letters. We human beings are an incredible race, always showing tenacity, strength, determination, courage, cunning, also creativity and observation. Industrious and willing to fight against natural phenomena but also to harmonize with Nature and our Universe.

The determination to conquer ourselves is immortal, we have traveled distances and faced so many adversities, sailing seas and space to solve their enigmas and get to know each other a little more, by knowing each other a little more we undertake new challenges and discoveries. The human being is capable of embarking on new horizons at any time, on a new adventure if his spirit demands it. His desire for survival is infinite, but also implicit in this is his desire for transcendence. These elements are perceived in Art. Cultures that we would never have known endure through the centuries due to the expressiveness of their Art. The historical moment that we are living as humanity, the fear that has caused to imagine humanity prostrate, how unfortunately some peoples prostrated themselves before the fatal pandemic, makes me reflect: Today we human beings have embarked towards new horizons, we know that to sail the sea ​​of ​​the unknown will bring us very difficult challenges to master, we know that there may be raging storms that drag us down or try to dissuade us from our company, we know that there are risks that we have never known but we are always willing to prove to ourselves that we can survive the catastrophe and we can also transcend. We will sail the sea again to scrutinize its secrets, to conquer and conquer ourselves. A small sailing ship facing a huge sea is the most eloquent image of the struggle for survival and transcendence. David versus Goliath. The struggle to belong to the Universe, to harmonize with the forces of Nature.

This fragile ship represents the portion of the Universe that belongs to the human being, all that he is, Science, Art, union for a common purpose, communion with Nature, the challenges overcome and to be overcome, the ability and the talent that emanates also of needs or even misfortune. When there is a challenge ahead we surely hear the phrase “We will embark on a huge challenge.” It is precisely this phrase that gives durability to this image of the fragile sailboat at the mercy of all the force of Nature. It is poetry, it is epic, it is Art. It is time to embark on an enormous challenge, it is time to use the most sublime resource that human beings have, talent. With talent we will go ahead, we will know how to drive this resource, we will know how to navigate in high waves and raging storms, we will drive our ship towards unknown ports, perhaps we will suffer a lot on the trip but in the end we will have learned, we will be stronger, more intelligent, more noble, we will conquer ourselves. The Sailboat, Science and Art build the poetic and epic symbol of Humanity.

On this occasion with my own artistic discourse and to which I gave the name Lonarias years ago, volumetric painting, sculptural canvas bodies, to better describe them: they have the appearance of living organisms that can interact with us in the planes of the imagination or of the spectacular reality. If we look closely, perhaps these figures could raise awareness of the devastation of our planet, of the irrational sacrifice of animals. Art is to be enjoyed, if at the same time it creates awareness, it is much better. It is to be lived, Art definitely interacts with the human being in any of its disciplines. This is an Allegory that is intended to act as a wake-up call, a greeting to what is coming or to what we are already experiencing. The work must act and interact with the observers, with the environment and the landscape.

This Allegory acts directly on the landscape and in which the observer could also be a part, it pretends that the gaze moves far beyond itself, looking back to know where we come from and looking forward to know where we are going, that We can change paradigms, we can have much more confidence in ourselves and in others, we must share a Universe that is made for everyone, we are in the same boat, we are kinder to ourselves and the beings that inhabit the same Universe. Let’s show our positive energy, our intelligence, let’s put what we have at the service of our Universe, let’s not change it, let’s just live flowing with it.

Carquinez Bay, Benicia CA. February 18th, 2022 -Jacquelyn Dubois-


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